Bundling WooCommerce products as a way to sell more

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Bundling WooCommerce products as a way to sell more.

Bundling WooCommerce products together is an extremely effective way to sell online, because you can essentially invite costumers to spend more in a way that is both convenient and advantageous for them.
However existing solutions to do this don’t always offer the most customizing options, or always require going into the Elementor editor, which is a drawback if you’re working for a client that will eventually have to change the bundle contents themselves.

The Bundle Maker Widget by Gloo is a great little tool to cover for these shortcomings, as you can feed it manually from the elementor editor, but also use an ACF relationship field in the backend as source, so that that would be all that needs to modified to change the bundle.

Variations and item quantities.

ACF doesn’t support variations however, as they have different IDs, so the way to work around that, since the bundle maker widget supports repeaters, is to work with Dynamify Repeaters, another feature by Gloo, so that in the backend we will be able to set not only the new IDs, but also quantities for each selected product.
This way the client can easily change what products are in the bundle, and how many of each, without having to go into code, which is a major advantage.

To see this in action, we’ll add a repeater field that will have two sub fields, one for the product ID, and another for quantity. Now we can finally create our product bundles using these fields.
In the front end, we’ll use the Bundle Maker widget by Gloo, and set the source to our ACF relationship field.
Bundling products together is effective as a sales tactic because it allows store owners to offer their customers convenience and value, and the Bundle Maker Widget by Gloo is just about the best way to offer that value.


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